New Location in North Naples, Florida. Now open!
New Location in North Naples, Florida. Now open!


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Webinar: How Parkinson’s Disease Affects Executive Functioning in the Brain, presented by Dr. Jarrell

Thursday August 10th 11:00am – 12:00pm (EDT)


Please join Dr Jarrell, Medical Director and Director of Research at Lesene, a restorative care program for people living with neurological compromise.

Executive Brain Functioning refers to the processes our brains go through to think, decide, plan, manage various things in our lives. An individual living with Parkinson’s may experience a greater decline in overall cognitive abilities that negatively impact the quality of life. Some might be: memory, impulse inhibition, organizing tasks, remembering details and solving problems.

What we’ve seen with Lasene is that the use of therapeutic light has provided enhancement in memory function, that includes improvement in memory and a sense of control. Lasene is not a cure for these degenerative complications. However, over our six-month care program, we provide cold Therapeutic Light Treatment technology and proprietary methodology to rehabilitate areas of nerve, muscle and skeletal systems that are affected by these neurological ailments.

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